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Call for Papers

Hebraic Political Studies is a peer-reviewed quarterly journal launched in 2005. The journal is co-edited by Professors Gordon Schochet of Rutgers University and Arthur Eyffinger of the Huygens Institute in the Netherlands, with the assistance of a distinguished editorial board, and published in Jerusalem by The Shalem Center.

Hebraic Political Studies publishes articles by scholars in the fields of political science, philosophy, history, law, and religious studies that explore the political concepts of the Hebrew Bible and rabbinic literature, the significance of reflections on the Hebrew Bible and Judaic sources in the history of ideas, and the role of Jewish sources in the history of the West. The journal aims to evaluate the place of the Jewish textual tradition, alongside the traditions of Greece and Rome, in political history and the history of political thought.

Although Hebraic Political Studies publishes only in English, manuscripts may be submitted in Hebrew, French, Italian, German, or Dutch. Should a foreign-language manuscript be accepted, it will be translated at the expense of the journal. Foreign-language manuscripts must be accompanied by abstracts in English.

Hebraic Political Studies uses a double-blind peer-review process. Manuscripts must be prepared in accordance with the style sheet of the journal. For further information, contact:

Meirav Jones
Associate Editor, Hebraic Political Studies
Phone: 972-2-560-5589 Fax: 972-2-560-5529